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Just before the Christmas holiday, we received a call from a reporter at to schedule an interview about our Dancing New Year's Eve CT event in Stamford. is a website that is covering interesting news stories in the Greenwich, Stamford, and Norwalk areas.

Excited about our own event

Anna and I were very excited to schedule a video interview about Dancing New Year's Eve CT. We love telling people how our event is unique and different from the local Stamford, CT bar scene. Most importantly, we enjoy the idea of creating an event where hundreds of people can attend, who don't know each other at first, but who will get to know each other through dance as they celebrate the New Year.

Why were we chosen?

Samantha, our interviewer, told us that Dancing New Year's Eve CT was a different story than the regular bar and restaurant scene in Stamford, CT. She said it seemed like people were really having fun in our pictures from 2012 and a place where people could really party without getting "bar-drunk". We were chosen because we represented a small business increasing the fun times people in Connecticut can have through dance.

We hope that this interview inspires people in the Connecticut area to join us at Dancing New Year's Eve CT with less than 48 hours until we start celebrating.

The Video Interview