Excited about December

December We are very excited that we are entering December with a good amount of registrations for Dancing New Year's Eve CT. I'm always impressed with people who are sensible enough to consider their New Year's Eve plans in November and early December.

Normal way of making plans

December Calendar to New Year's EveMost people wait until they've made it through holiday and Christmas shopping before they make plans for New Year's Eve. That would be the logical and linear thought-process. Many people are holding out for the best options (or a complete list of options) before they make their last-second decision. And of course, their are people who don't even make plans for New Year's Eve until December 31st itself.

The benefits of early New Year's Eve plans

The benefits about making New Year's Eve plans earlier than later are many. New Year's Eve itself can be a stressful holiday - to many, it represents a new calendar, a new beginning, a time of change, and a time for self improvement. Making early New Year's Eve plans can take the stress out of the entire last week of December. Making plans for New Year's Eve also shows that you're ready for the transition from one chapter/year in your life to the next. This type of forward-looking vision is very positive for emotional health.

Decisive Action for Life DirectionMaking early plans for New Year's Eve also helps create social bonds at a time of the year when depression is most common. Sunlight-deprivation and the stress of the holidays can bring on or exacerbate depression. This can be counteracted by forward-looking plans of music, friends and socializing. Remember to fight the urge to be lazy and caught up with the distractions of the holiday season. Make your New Year's Eve plans early and start the next chapter of your life with decisive calmness and preparation.

Our Vision

We're exciting about bringing people together for New Year's Eve in Stamford, CT. We want to people to have a wonderful experience enjoying the free beginner dance lessons in West Coast Swing, Hustle and Salsa, then dining with a room full of fun and social people, followed by a celebration with great music and dancing. For us, this is the only way to start the 2013 chapter of our lives.


Party of Dancing New Year's Eve CT 2018

Pictures 2018

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held at the Sheraton Hotel in Stamford, CT


A Great Time! Lot's of fun people!

Stamford Sheraton Stamford, CT

Great Location

Dancing New Year's Eve CT will be at the Sheraton Stamford Hotel. It's easy to get to by car, and close to the Metro-North Station. Our room block will sell out, so make your room reservation soon.

Table Organzier at Dancing New Year's Eve CT

Be a Table Organizer

Create your own "Group Table" so that your family and friends enjoy your own private table.


All registrations include the dance lessons and party. Children's prices are available for Full Registrations. 

All prices are per person.

Full Registration: Includes Dinner

$120 before Oct 1
$130 before Nov 1
$140 before Dec 1
$150 before Dec 27
$200 through Dec 31

Party Only: Without Dinner

$75 before Dec 1
$85 before Dec 27
$95 through Dec 31