Reviews of 2016

Patrick said:

I want to effusively thank you for the wonderful memories you and your company crafted for me and my wife Christine.
Both format and contents of the NY eve event were nothing short of brilliant, thoughtful and heartfelt: such a 'blast'!
Only hope we can do that again soon!

Seneilya said:

The night was wonderful as usual! Our family thanks you for all the efforts you make year round to make his event memorable. Enjoy the New Year!

Chris said:

Thank you so much for making our night very memorable. I have to say you know how to throw a rocking dance party. I appreciate your help and allowing me the time to propose to Lindsay.  You really did make our night a special one.  Thanks a heap and I hope you have a great new year. We'd love to keep in touch!

Sylvie said:

Thank you for this lovely party on the 31!
It was perfect!

Georgette said:

Last night was AWESOME for EVERYONE!!

Reviews of 2014

Amy said:

Had a wonderful time at Dancing New Year's Eve in Stamford, CT! The lessons were packed, food was delicious and I had a fantastic time meeting new people and dancing with them throughout the night. DJs Wes Carrajat & Nino Torre played hits from all three dance styles (Salsa, Hustle and West Coast Swing) which definitely kept everyone moving on the dance floor. Thanks to Erik and Anna Novoa for making this event truly exceptional and unforgettable! Definitely looking forward to next year's New Year's Eve party!!

Niki said:

Had a great time on New Year's Eve at Dancing New Year's Eve in Stamford, CT<3 Delicious dinner & dessert. Fantastic music by DJs Wes Carrajat & Nino Torre. Lots of dancing in west coast swing, hustle, salsa & party club dancing. Meeting & hanging out with new people as well as a good friend. Thanks Erik Novoa for organizing & directing this fun event & for all our dances<3

Domenick said:

Can't thank you enough for one of the best New Year's Eve parties in a very long time. The dance classes, the food, the drinks, the decor, the people, the music were all the best! Haven't danced so much in years. Awesome fun. Can't wait to do it all again next year.

Looking forward to dancing the Hustle every week in 2015!

Reviews of 2013

Christina said:

We plan to be there next year ... Great Party!

Bryan said:

Thanks, Erik. Had a great time!

Seneilya said:

Thank you! We had a wonderful time! We would love to take lessons but live too far (Cheshire Ct). My fiancé went to Arthur Murray for lessons and said the free lessons you and your wife provided way exceeded what he ever learned. Needless to say we will be back next year!

Darlene said:

Thank you to you and your wife!  We had a great time! 

 Christine said:

It was a great event.  I had a fun time and met some great people.  Kudos to you for dancing with a number of the attendees who were sitting at the tables. One of the women at our table had never seen west coast swing wanted to learn it that night.  I gave her some basics and then after one dance told her to take classes from you.  
Hoping you'll repeat the event next year.

BTW - Staff at the Sheraton were great friendly, helpful

 Jill said:

It was wonderful and fun. Met a lot of nice people and danced the night away.

Reviews of 2012

Hank said:

Your recent New Year's Eve Party at Stamford was really wonderful.  We had a great time. 

The evening was very well organized, and everything seemed to flow into crescendos. The food was ample and tasty, setting in the ballroom was fab, music was rocking, the crowd was terrific, liked the open bar, and just an exceptionally terrific party.

Best-ever New Year's Eve!  We really enjoyed sharing our time there with everyone else. Thank you for a splendid evening.